Working in Chicagoland and the surrounding suburbs, combatting weather extremes, you rely on some type of temperature control for the majority of the year.  Ensuring comfort and minimizing monthly costs is a priority.  Every time your heating or cooling system operates, the conditioned air travels through the duct system.  While ducts are typically concealed inside walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces, it should never be overlooked.  This essential network of pipes directly impacts the cleanliness, health, and enjoyment of your commercial space, as well as the integrity of heating and cooling equipment.  Contact Direct Mechanical at 847-352-0782, and with thorough inspection and cleaning, we’ll keep your system running at its best.

Reliable Duct Cleaning Services

Over the years, an accumulation of dust, pollen, dander, mold, bacteria, and a wide range of debris is likely to accumulate within the duct system. This buildup restricts airflow, placing greater wear and tear on heating/cooling components.  The result is longer cycles, greater risk of malfunction, shortened service life, diminished comfort, and needlessly high energy bills.  Plus, these pollutants may become airborne, leading to health concerns, bad smells, and a dirtier indoor environment.

For professional duct cleaning in Chicagoland and the surrounding suburbs, call Direct Mechanical!

The cleaning process is quick, non-invasive, and cost-effective.  The professionals from Direct Mechanical utilize smart technology and industry-leading equipment to scrub and whisk away stubborn contaminants without damage to the ductwork or creating a mess in the building.  Offering convenient appointment times, affordable pricing, and higher standards of job performance, Direct Mechanical is the perfect choice for ductwork cleaning throughout Schaumburg, IL.